Shabbat Candle Lighting

every Friday night but the 3rd Friday of every month 


Rabbi Emerita Malka Drucker 


 5:55  PM

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+1 669 900 9128

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      Meeting ID: 505 660 1000

Passcode: 178662


Saturday's 1PM 

Read & Study 

 with Rabbi Malka

The Quest for God

Abraham Joshua Heschel


User the same zoom address & phone

As above


Erev Shabbat Services 

the third Friday of every month with


Rabbi David Lazar

6 PM

Please join us on Zoom at 5:55 pm. We can schmooze together for a while. Rabbi David will begin at 6 PM



Shabbat Teaching 

the third Saturday of every month with 


Rabbi David Lazar



Join us both days on Zoom:


To Join us by Telephone dial:

+1 669 900 6833

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   Meeting ID: 833 3372 3715