Membership Information


Temple Har Shalom (Mountain of Peace)  is an intimate, vibrant congregation in the forest of the San Jacinto Mountains. Our village of Idyllwild has roughly 4,000 people. The temple has around 45 memberships and a dedicated, strong Board of Directors. We have no paid staff other than clergy.

Our members come from many denominations of Judaism including secular, and so we are not affiliated with any single denomination. While our services are progressive with a flavor of Renewal, we retain a love of tradition and of Jewish learning,  Those who are not Jewish but our interested in Judaism are also welcome to join.

Friday night services are held at 6 PM on the third Friday of every month, followed the next morning at 9:30 AM for Shabbat Study, both with Rabbi David Lazar.  Rabbi Emerita Malka Drucker offers a brief teaching, candle lighting, and Kiddush on all other Friday nights of the month at 6 PM.  Rosh Hashanah, Kol Nidre, Yom Kippur study, Yizkor and Nei'lah  will be conducted by Rabbi Ilana Grinblat and Cantorial Soloist Shiranda Zee.  There will also be classes taught by Rabbi Lazar in preparation for High Holy Days.  The congregation also celebrates Passover, Sukkot, Hanukkah and other holidays throughout the year. 

Due to Covid-19 all our services are currently on Zoom. We plan to resume services at St. Hugh Episcopal Church when the Pandemic is over and it is safe to do so. 


Our Rabbis are available to our congregation for pastoral care as well as life cycle events. As our Rabbi are not full time, should you need them for a wedding, a funeral, or Bar/Bat mitzvah, financial arrangements are made directly between the rabbi and the congregant. 


THS uses a pledge system for membership.  This means that we divide the total amount of our expenses among our membership to determine a sustaining (what we need to pay our bills) pledge level.  Pledges are 80% of THS income. Tributes, donations and fundraising make up the remaining 20%.  We are challenged to do any fundraising during the pandemic. 

When you fill out the pledge form on the next page, please consider how Temple Har Shalom and being part of the Idyllwild Jewish community brings meaning and value to your life.  A pledge is a promise - a promise we make that affirms our commitment to Temple Har Shalom and to the future of our congregation.  


If an individual of family cannot afford the sustaining level, there is an option to make a pledge that is more affordable. Please pledge what you are able to afford. Your pledge is confidential and you are not asked to disclose any information.  

The sustaining pledge for the FY2020-2021 beginning July 1, 2020 is:


  $400 per person

  $650  per couple/family

  $180   for part time residents of Idyllwild and members of other congregations


There is also an opportunity to make a pledge that is higher than the sustaining level. The success of the pledge system and the success of our congregation depends upon those who can give more. By doing so, this makes membership affordable to all.  


If you are able to give more than the sustaining pledge level, please consider pledging at one of the following levels:

Pillars         $2000

Guardians  $1200

Leaders        $800

You will find the Membership Application/or Renewal and Payment Button on the following page.

Note: If you are viewing this on a mobile site, or you wish to pay by check, please request an Application be sent to you by US Mail: 951 468 0004 or


​We welcome you and yours as congregants!